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Product Assessment Scorecard
Gaps in product discovery result in wasting time and money on building something users don't want.
But we found an efficient way to assess products and clarify the next steps.
That's how we launch epic products within just four weeks, from idea to launch.

What is the Product Scorecard? 

We've spent decades in product management mastering the foundational Product Field Map methodology, and then countless hours on crafting and improving this tool. We hosted 30+ discovery workshops, and you can access all the insights right now. For free.
When creating this tool, we wanted it to possess three key qualities: Simple, Insightful, Transformative.

In less than 10 minutes you will get

- Identified gaps in your product offering, that can be both - risks and opportunities
- Assessment of your product from four angles: Desirability, Marketability, Viability, Feasibility
- Evaluation of your product strategy
- Actionable next steps for your roadmap
- Evaluation of the market-readiness of your product
- Expert Advice from Product Experts
- No Fluff: Only specific action points
- Risk-Free and 100% Secure: NDA is in our DNA

In addition, we will invite you for a free 30-min discovery call

Where you will dive deeper into the Scorecard insights. We will consult you on your product strategy and help you to define the next steps. No sales pitch, just value from our side.
The only remaining question is... what are you waiting for?